CMM Inspection & Measurement

In CMM inspection objects can be inspected for quality.
A Coordinate Measuring Machine used to measure the dimensions and characteristics of an object.

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It can measure a single point to the whole shape in the 3D space.

CMM made up of three axes X, Y and Z, and each axis helps to measure the product as well as be able to position accurately in other precision machines.
CMM can measure dimensions, profile, angle or depth.

For example, if you like to measure the circle, you have to choose the first 'circle' option in the software and touch the prob around the hole or shaft.

For line measurement, you have to choose 2 points which describe the length.
The same thing applied to plain geometry.
First, you have to choose the object "Plain" in CMM software, and touch the CMM prob around the boundary of the plain.

Learn CMM

Coordinate Measuring Machines create effective and efficient manufacturing measurements.
Products can come in all shapes and sizes, so to measure each edge and dimension needs to be done accurately.
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