Sample Check

Construction Check
Test your samples in the laboratory for the critical points (including Components Data Form - CDF check) according to relevant safety standards applicable to your market. Any certificates the products obtained need to be provided as verification materials.

Performance Test
Check workmanship and the product functions claimed against the user manual or your specification list to verify whether your suppliers’ commitments to quality and performance of products are valid or not. A detailed specifications sheet will be prepared along with the performance checks.

Common Lab Tests

Common Lab Tests

Consumer product testing in Chinese laboratories for certification and compliance

We manage consumer product testing in Chinese laboratories for certification and compliance on all products from electronics to textiles to furniture. See below a few of the most common lab tests that we manage.

ROHS & WEEE Testing
Cadmium Testing
AZO Dye Testing
Food Contact Testing
Phthalates Testing
En-71 Testing
ASTM testing

Why use QCANT for testing?

  • You get invoiced directly by us in USD the discounted fee of the local accredited laboratory.

  • We are partner of SGS , TUV and Intertek usually get 10% to 30% discount on standard prices, so you benefit greatly.

  • We manage the whole process for you, allowing you to save time and money:

  • We identify your needs for product testing and certifications with the relevant accredited (CNAS, HKAS, UKAS etc) laboratories.

  • We gather samples (or pick up samples at factory if you have book an inspection with us).

  • We bargain for the testing fees with the laboratories and we usually get between 10% and 30% discount for you.

  • We pay the laboratory in advance to perform your test(s) in the local currency.The safest solution is testing products from your production line. 

*  Note that using QCANT to pick up your samples from the factory is very important and strategic. WHY?

Samples must be randomly selected in order to ensure that not only the selected samples comply with existing regulations but also that the mass production does! The danger of not having an independent third party to pick up the samples from the mass production is significant.


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