Step 1.  Client compose product inspection/factory audit request with sufficient specification (PO/PI, packaging request, artwork / drawing, photo and checklist etc. if available) and supplier/factory contact information (email box and phone number are a must) in online booking format or by an email.

Step 2. Your Account Manager will send you the invoice what quoted to you for your approval about final inspection/audit cost and sample sizes (inspected quantity) number of man day(s).

Step 3.  After you confirmed the invoice that you can made the payment online easily.

Step 4.  Our team will contact your supplier for your booking details and keep you update if there is any information need to be updated, and then we will go to do inspection or audit onsite.

Step 5.  Inspection/audit will be implemented according to confirm inspection/audit date and the inspection/audit report should be available on next working day (within 24hours).

1. Booking
2. Invoice
3. Payment
4. Onsite Service
5. Receive Report

   Service Booking 

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For saving your time waiting online,  the  Order details , such as packing list, artwork and Lable via mail at
为了节约您的在线等待时间,检验资料请发送到邮箱 :
The final feedback after  contact your supplier to complete the rest of the booking process will be updated to you shortly.