What’s covered in a Product Inspection for Hardline Products?

QCANT's general on-site checklist for During Production Inspections includes the following criteria

  • Quantity status
  • Size & Measurements
  • Product appearance
  • Weight
  • Performance, safety & function tests
  • Assortment
  • Critical Components
  • Carton status
  • Assembly
  • Barcode scan test
  • Accessories
  • Packing
  • Material
  • Marking
  • Colors
  • Shipping Marks
  • Logo & Labeling
  • Factory View

  • Besides the above, we can carry out a tailor-made inspection according to your criteria.

    Hardline common defects found during product inspections

  • Function
  • Appearance
  • Specification
  • Noise
  • Rust mark
  • Misalignment
  • Wobble
  • Burr mark
  • Tipping over
  • Can't open
  • Chip / Crack
  • Slanted holes
  • Wheel block
  • Color / Oil stain
  • Wrong component size
  • Poor assembly
  • Poor electro-printing
  • Wrong accessories size
  • Safety
  • Packing
  • Material
  • Mildew
  • Wrong marking
  • Mold mark
  • Splinter
  • Carton damage
  • Deformed tube
  • Exposed nail
  • Missing component
  • Wrong material
  • Sharp point/edge
  • Incorrect instruction
  • Rough material
  • Loose component
  • Empty space in cartons
  • Collapsing panel

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are worried about or have experienced problems such as poor quality, incorrect shipments or unreal information from suppliers. If before placing orders or making final payments, you hope to have accurate understanding about the quality of the goods and reliability of the supplier. Shipment inspections and factory audit services are your solution for all these problems

    Though sometimes it's possible to book next-day inspections for some manufacturing clusters where QCANT has a large team of inspectors, we recommend booking with us at least three days in advance.

    One dedicated account manager will be assigned for all the upcoming inspection bookings

    Approved samples are much recommended so that our engineer can have a clearer understanding about the product details in advance and take note of the points which we should pay attention to during the inspection. After that we will contact the factory and send the sealed samples for inspection reference.

    The earlier the better considering that if the inspection report isn't satisfactory, the factory will have enough time to rework the defectives and ship the goods on time.

    Absolutely! Our checklists are flexible, and we encourage our customers to, before each inspection, send us their special requirements and own inspection criteria so we can add them to the checklist. Special requirements can also be added through the online booking system.

    The official report is reviewed and signed by a technical manager and made available for download within 24 hours after each inspection. However, we may send you a draft report which has basic remarks about the inspection, but does not include photos. In this way, you can know the result of the inspection without delay.

    Our services do not stop once report is issued. Our team is always available to clarify each point of the report after each inspection, if necessary.

    Quality Control Services for Hardline Products

    QCANT provides quality control services including product inspections and laboratory testing for a great variety of hardline products.

    By QCANT well-trained inspectors, there's a dedicated department for hardline products which is comprised of technical managers, inspection engineers, and audit specialists from the sector, who are teamed up to ensure that goods strictly adhere to buyers’ agreed quality plan, drawings, and contractual specifications.

    What are the products we inspect?

    Furniture & Home Deco
    Sofas & Beds
    Chairs & Stools
    Tables & Desks
    Sanitary Ware
    Paintings & Artificial Plants


    Baby Products
    Wet Wipes
    Baby Safety
    Bath & Skin Care
    Feeding Essentials

    Household Utensils
    Pots & Pans
    Bowls & Dishes
    Food Containers
    Cups & Mugs

    Toys & Gifts
    Plush Toys
    Play tables
    Wooden Toys
    Educational Toys

    Earrings & Ear Studs

    Pet Products
    Pet Beds Pet Dishes Pet Toys Pet Carriers Scratching Board

    Promotional & Party Products
    Shopping Bags
    Paper Lanterns
    Inflatable Decorations



    Sports & Traveling
    Fitness Equipment
    Trolleys & Suitcases

    Beauty & Personal Care Products
    Nail Clippers
    Hair Brushes
    Fake Eyelashes
    Makeup Brushes
    Lipsticks & Eye Shadow & Foundation