Inspection Service:

I. How QCANT help you for quality control by FRI service?

1. Ethics, Impartiality & Trust

At QCANT Inspection, the ethics is our number one core value-fixed and absolute – never to be compromised. Our continuous compliances are supported by a Code of Ethics.

The inspector will show the COC (Code of Conduct) to the factory and explain to them, make sure they understand and done well for this job, the factory will sign it and keep copier for future information to easy reach our integrity team;

2. Strong Technical Support

QCANT Inspection has dedicated full time technical teams to develop and review product specific and inspection protocols & field instruction for inspectors. The team is responsible for technical development and review and audit to ensure standards continually comply with best practice relating to quality, safety, regulatory, client and industry specific requirements.

3. Whole process performance by inspectors at time of inspection, by:

  • Product quantity checking and make sure 100% ready or reach the basic quantity as per client’s requests;

  • Random draw samples and cartons at warehouse by himself instead of drawing by factory, make sure enough and representative sample to verify the bulk lots size, also mark down the cartons number on inspection report;

  • Draw sample from carton by inspectors and checking the package before unpacked by factory workers;

  • Inspected the sample for appearance, workmanship, color, measurement and on-site functional test;

  • Performance check on completed products;

  • Verify packaging material, labeling, barcodes shipping marks, etc.

  • Taking enough photo to show the real face to client by quick view;

  • Review all findings with factory to make sure they know the result for corrective action and clearly information understanding.

4. Report Checking by supervisors thought technical view and double checking the report is fair to factory and meet
           all the requirement from client;

5. Monthly Report Checking to Analysis system to improvement our service.

As a result of our well-developed information technology infrastructure with supporting KPIs to monitor our performance we are able to improve our overall service offering.

6. Follow up service by account manager or CS to improve our service.

7. Confidentiality information keep to protect business.

QCANT Inspection agrees not to disclose to third parties any Confidential Information in                      connection with the execution of this offer, with the exception of QCANT Inspection execution office or subcontractor                     involved in the execution of the work upon prior written consent of Clients. “Confidential Information”                    shall include, but shall not be limited to, all product information and documentation, all communications and reports                      between Clients and QCANT  Inspection. On the same token Clients will disclose the service proposal only to parties directly concerned by Clients intervention.

II. How to decide sample plan and inspection level against your products?

1. Selected suitable level by:

Level I: For low price, big lots with same production line or same artwork, same order with well record, low risk products to save time, cost; Level II: most products and product with same production line or same artwork, reasonable time and cost with more than 97.5% accurate for the whole lots; More than 95% clients choose this level and we suggested using it; Level III: For high price, small lots with different production line or artwork, first order, high risk products to be safety;

2. Selected Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL)

Critical for not allowed of safety and major defects from code numbering of 0.01 to 4.0 according to price, quantity, products, risk high to low, eg: 0.65 for high risk product and 1.5/2.5 for normal products. Minor defects from code numbering of 1.0 to 10 according to price, quantity, products, risk high to low, eg: 1.5 for high risk product and 4.0/ 6.5 for normal products.

3. Selected service type to protective your products;

FRI: make sure the products were confirmed with your order and quality standard is within AQL and relative standard, most products needed such service before shipment