WHO WE ARE | Your Own Quality Manager.

  Service to clients with ant's team spirit and hard work

QCANT™ is a leading provider of quality control services. We offer a variety of professional inspection and auditing services, with over 180 inspectors, to ensure that goods meet buyer requirements and regulations in the supply chains. Our pricing starts at just $198/MD for inspection in China, with all costs included, and online booking can be completed in just 5 minutes. We guarantee that 99% of reports are delivered within 24 hours.

In addition to our self-developed booking system, we also have a multinational working network. Our team of 180+ inspectors and auditors are well-trained and experienced, and we will conduct over 20,000 inspections in 2021. We have earned the trust of over 50 retailers, brands, and suppliers worldwide.

With QCANT™, you can be confident that you have eyes in the factory and that we will help you sleep better with our intelligent system for quality assurance. We bring trust and ethical standards to global trade.

5 minutes

5 minutes booking online

$ 198 MD

All included $198/MD in China

24  hours

24 hours to schedule
order and get report

Free Counselor  

Partner of SGS,TUV,Intertek

Core Values

Our core values are Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Gratitude. They guide our behavior and decision-making in everything we do.

Core Mission

Qcant™ is committed to enhancing the quality of inspection and certification services by utilizing internet technology, exploring new ideas, fostering innovation, and creating value for society.

Company Vision

Our goal is to become the preeminent third-party service provider for inspection and certification worldwide.


Why do share Inspection Plan before Action?

Sharing an inspection plan before taking action promotes transparency, alignment, collaboration, risk mitigation, compliance, and continuous improvement. It ensures that all parties involved are well-informed and can work together effectively to achieve the desired quality control outcomes.

Why do QCANT always fast response to clients?

Fast response times in quality control are essential for customer satisfaction, effective decision-making, risk mitigation, trust-building, effective communication, and gaining a competitive advantage. By prioritizing quick responses to clients, the QC team can enhance their service quality and strengthen their relationships with clients.

Why client able talk to Engineer online during inspection?

Enabling online communication between clients and the QC team during an inspection facilitates real-time updates, clarifications, collaboration, and issue resolution. It enhances the client's involvement in the quality control process and ensures that their specific requirements and concerns are effectively addressed.

Why QCANT more professional than others?

The professionalism of QC teams is a result of their expertise, experience, attention to detail, objectivity, continuous learning, and adherence to professional ethics. These qualities enable them to deliver high-quality services, make sound judgments, and effectively support clients in ensuring product quality and compliance.