What is California Proposition 65 ?
what products need to be tested for California Proposition 65 certification?

        "California Proposition 65", also known as "Prop 65", is California's legislation to inform consumers of the potential health hazards of certain chemicals. The full name is "1986 Drinking Water Safety and Toxic Substances Enforcement Act, the purpose of which is to protect California residents and the state's drinking water sources from substances known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive and developmental hazards, and to truthfully notify residents of the presence of such substances.

California Proposition 65, which regulates both natural and synthetic chemicals added to products, establishes a set of "safe harbors" in order to quantify the amount of chemicals allowed in different products. level” mechanism, which sets maximum exposure limits for listed substances, involving the types of substances:

a. For chemicals that may cause cancer, the levels are: No Significant Risk Level (NSRL)

b. For chemicals that may cause reproductive problems, the levels are: Maximum Allowable Dose Levels (MADL)

        Since May 2022, California Proposition 65 has issued a total of 261 "60-day violation notices". The proposal requires that law enforcement agencies should issue a notice of imminent action to subjects violating the act, which must be taken before taking action. Not less than 60 days to be sent to the party, hence the name "60-day violation notice". Most notifications were for lead (49%) and phthalates (39%), with the remaining 12% for other chemicals. There are 25 notices on phthalates for luggage and 19 notices on phthalates for various consumer product packaging. Glass and ceramic products with exterior trim have 11 notices on lead; dietary supplements have 16 notices on lead; sports and outdoor products have 5 notices on phthalates, raincoats and wide-brimmed hats There are 2 notifications on phthalates. Also, the phone case has 1 notice about BPA. Beauty and personal care products have seven notifications for other chemicals such as titanium dioxide, benzene and beta-myrcene, and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. There are 2 notices for holiday decoration products, one for lead and one for phthalates.

        It is found from the above latest notification that "California Proposition 65" covers almost all consumer products in life, as long as products involving toxic and harmful chemicals such as lead and phthalates, as long as products sold in the California market, are Relevant certification tests must be done before placing on the market. The following are the relevant product categories primarily related to California Proposition 65:

1. Apparel and Textiles

2. Leather products

3. Food Contact Products

4. Food Packaging

5. Toys

6. Child Health Products

7. Children's jewelry

8. Sports equipment

9. Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

10. Electronics

11. Battery

12. Manufacturing or construction tools and supplies

        If a product sold in California is found to contain one or more restricted chemicals above a safe harbor level without a warning label, the seller can be fined up to $2,500 per day. California Proposition 65 regulates chemicals in California known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity, and there are currently about 1,000 chemicals listed as being regulated in this category. The list must be updated at least once a year, so companies need to keep an eye on California Proposition 65 to ensure that the toxic and hazardous substances in products sold in the California market are within the scope of restrictions.

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