How to inspect the USB cable?
Data cable inspection requirements and inspection standards

USB cable is commonly used in our daily life and needs to be charged. Whether it is a baby's enlightened finger reading wall chart, or an electric grinder in the kitchen, all need to use a USB cable, and it is related to electricity, so how? How to ensure the safety of such electrical products? How is the USB cable inspected?

Visual inspection:

Plug shell: The colloid has no bubbles, shrinkage, burrs, scratches, smears, dirt, and the joint between the buckle and the shell is well-joined, the joint is ≤0.5mm, and there is no loosening or cracking. The metal part of the plug: the colloid has no shrinkage, burrs, scratches, the joint of the buckle and the shell, the joint is good, the joint is ≤0.5mm, and there is no looseness, cracking, etc. Appearance of the wire body: The wire body is free from dirt, blistering, shrinkage, scratches, deformation, missing corners, exposed wire cores, etc. Model: Whether the sticker on the data line and the orientation of the plug are the same as the sample.

Packaging: The wires are tied with cable ties and packed into PE bags. The packaging is complete, which can protect the wires during transportation and storage. The outer tape is printed with a suffocation warning. The printed content of the color box is consistent with the customer's information.

Testing on the spot:

1. Box drop test: refer to ISTA 1A standard. No fatal flaws or critical flaws will be produced after testing.

2. Product Dimensions/Power Cord Length/Product Weight Measurements: Based on Specifications or Reference. If not required by customer, +/-3% tolerance is used.

3. Barcode Scanning Check: The barcode can be scanned, and the scanning result is correct.

4. Assembly test: It can be assembled smoothly according to the instructions, and there is no quality problem after assembly.

5. Full function inspection (including functions that must be assembled): Must have all nominal functions, such as installation/adjustment, switch, setting, display, actual use, etc.

6. Coating sticking test: All printing, foil printing, UV coating, use 3M tape to do the fastness test, after the test, the sticking area should not exceed 10%.

7. Running test: Under rated voltage, test the sample with full load for 4 hours (or choose the full load time according to the instructions). After the test, the sample needs to pass the high voltage test, function test, ground test, etc...

8. Drop test (applicable to hand-held/mobile/portable products) The test sample is dropped freely onto the wooden floor for 3 times, and the test height is as follows: desktop product (not more than 5 kg)/mobile product: 750mm portable product /Plug and Play /Portable: After the 1000mm test, there is no safety problem, and it must pass the high voltage test and grounding test. If a major issue is found during or after the test, it needs to be written on the report.

9. Internal workmanship and key parts inspection: Check the internal structure and the integrity of key parts according to the structural drawing or key parts list. 10. Rubbing test of rated label, sticking test of printed label: wipe the label with water for 15 seconds, then wipe with gasoline for 15 seconds.

11. Needle withdrawal test (applicable to the United States): When the needle is on/off/grounded, it can withstand 20 pounds of force for 2 minutes, and the needle cannot be pulled out or displaced by more than 2mm.

12. Plug durability check (applicable to the United States): After 10 times of reciprocating insertion and extraction, the plug can be fully inserted into the device again. Apply a force of 3 pounds in the vertical direction at the connection surface of the wire, and the displacement of the pin force plug cannot exceed 2mm within 60 seconds.

13. Check the maximum and minimum pull-out force: (applicable to the European market) the pull-out force of the standard single needle gauge is greater than 2N and less than 27N.

14. Quantity and diameter measurement of power cords.

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