How to choose inspection company ?
How to choose inspection company, third-party inspection company, sampling inspection, full inspection, and factory inspection company?

    An inspection is an act in which the entrusting party or the buyer and the customer entrust a third-party inspection company to inspect and accept the relevant content such as the quality of the factory's supply and the order quantity. So how to choose the inspection company, the third-party inspection company, the sampling inspection, the full inspection, and the factory inspection company?

    QCANT is a third-party inspection service company based on Internet technology and has the authoritative qualification certification of ISO9001, ISO27001, CNAS17020, and AQSIQ. With a self-developed inspection order system, customers can efficiently place orders by themselves anywhere in the world. The test library has more than 2,000 senior inspectors and auditors in China and Southeast Asia. The testing library implements more than 100,000 third-party inspection and factory inspection services every year and provides inspection services for brands, importers, distributors, and retailers in more than 100 countries around the world.

The scope of inspection of products mainly includes:

Textiles: footwear, clothing, luggage, apparel, home textiles, outdoor textiles, fabrics, and light industries;

Consumer durables: baby daily necessities, fitness equipment, furniture, games and entertainment products, garden tools, tools and building materials, household goods and decorations, kitchen utensils and tableware, toilet and bathroom supplies, stationery, toys, camping and travel supplies;

Electronic supplies and electrical appliances: lighting, home appliances, consumer electronics, mobile phone accessories, auto accessories, power tools;

Industrial product inspection: assembly line and mold production, precision instruments, non-destructive testing, large equipment.

The advantages of QCANT inspection company:

One price is all-inclusive: 198USD/person-day in mainland China, 298USD/person-day in other countries or regions. Auditor/inspector transportation and accommodation, weekday overtime, weekends, and holidays are all-inclusive, with no extra charges.

Comprehensive online management system: An inspection management platform that supports placing orders anytime, anywhere, improving work efficiency, and reducing time costs.

Intelligent supply chain value-added services: According to the statistics of inspection data, dashboards are automatically generated, which can effectively help customers analyze supply chain problems and improve the quality of suppliers.

Precise management of inspectors: scoring mechanism, GPS positioning management, e-learning courses.

Strictly control anti-corruption issues: deposit mechanism for inspectors. Unannounced video inspections by customers, tripartite evaluation and elimination mechanism for inspectors, and CEO mailbox reporting.

Customer customization service: The report template can be customized systematically, the customer operation interface can be customized systematically, and the inspection standards that meet the customer's requirements can be customized systematically.

QCANT™ Quality Control Service Provider,Partner of SGS,TUV,Intertek provide variety of professional inspection and auditing services with 180+ inspecters to ensure goods meet buyer requirements and regulations  in the supply chains.  QCANT Pricing begin with ALL included  only  $198/MD  for Inspection in China,  5 minutes to make an online booking get order scheduled and 99% receive report within 24 hours  

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