11 Inspection Points for Footwear
Footwear Quality Control Inspection

        Footwear manufacturing always uses a wide range of materials and requires several different production processes which makes footwear quality control a highly demanding and specialized process.

        Whether you’re manufacturing athletic shoes, dress shoes, sandals, boots, safety shoes, and children's shoes, footwear inspection is essential 

1. Carton drop test

With reference to ISTA 1A drop test method. The package or product should not be damaged. after the test

2. Assortment check

The packing assortment should be correct as client's requirement and package marking

3. Color shade check

According to client's requirement. If no client’s requirement, please adopt below:

1). No color shade within same pair is allowed.

2).The color shade in the whole shipment with grey scale 4 is allowed for dark color, with grey scale 4-5 is allowed for light color.


4. Function check

The functional components should run smoothly without jam or any malfunction issue.

5. Reliability test for Zipper/button/snap or any other functional component

Open and close the tested component back and forth 20 times, the component should be remained good as it's after the test.

6 Product size / weight measurement

According to product spec or approved sample. Apply +/- 3% if no detail tolerance issued or requirement from client.

7. Tape test on printed/coating label

Use 3M tape for testing. The marking should not peel off.

1). Use 3M adhesive tape paste on the marking, let the tape paste more firm by pressing

2). Tear off the tape on 45 degrees fast

3). Check the tape and the sample whether the marking peeling off or not.

8. Fitting check

The shoes should be fit the intended model feet or person feet well.

9. Barcode scan check

The barcode must be scannable and with the correct number.

10. Metal detection for shoes have sewn process

No broken needle or metal should be detected.

11. Odor and mildew check

Should not have irritative odor and Mildew.

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